Alexander the greats upbringing essay

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Alexander the greats upbringing essay

Babylon Macedonian king Alexander the Great was one of the best-known rulers in ancient history. By the time Alexander the greats upbringing essay his death at thirty-two, he ruled the largest Western empire of the ancient world.

Alexander the greats upbringing essay

Education by tutors Alexander was born in B. Growing up, Alexander rarely saw his father, who was usually involved in long military campaigns.

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Olympias, a fierce and possessive mother, dominated her son's youth and filled him with a deep resentment of his father. Nonetheless, their son's education was important to both parents.

One of Alexander's first teachers was Leonidas, a relative of Olympias, who struggled to control the defiant boy. Philip hired Leonidas to train the youth in math, archery, and horsemanship the training and care of horses. Alexander's favorite tutor was Lysimachus. This tutor devised a game in which Alexander impersonated the hero Achilles.

Achilles was a heroic Greek warrior from a famous ancient poem called the Iliad. Achilles became the model of the noble warrior for Alexander, and he modeled himself after this hero. This game delighted Olympias because her family claimed the hero as an ancestor.

In Philip asked Aristotle — B. For three years in the rural Macedonian village of Mieza, Aristotle taught Alexander philosophy, government, politics, poetry, drama, and the sciences. Aristotle wrote a shortened edition of the Iliad, which Alexander always kept with him. Beginnings of the soldier Alexander's education at Mieza ended in B.

While Philip was away fighting a war, he left the sixteen-year-old prince as acting king. Within a year Alexander led his first military attack against a rival tribe.

In he led the cavalry troops who fight battles on horseback and helped his father smash the forces of Athens and Thebes, two Greek city-states. Alexander's relationship and military cooperation with his father ended soon after Philip took control of the Corinthian League.

The Corinthian League was a military alliance made up of all the Greek states except for Sparta. Philip then married another woman, which forced Alexander and Olympias to flee Macedon.

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Eventually Philip and Alexander were reunited. Alexander as king In the summer of B. During this event Philip was assassinated by a young Macedonian noble, Pausanias. After his father's death Alexander sought the approval of the Macedonian army for his bid for kingship.

The generals agreed and proclaimed him king, making Alexander the ruler of Macedon. In order to secure his throne, Alexander then killed everyone who could have a possible claim to the kingship.

Although he was the king of Macedon, Alexander did not automatically gain control of the Corinthian League. Some Greek states rejoiced at Philip's murder, and Athens wanted to rule the League.

Where Was Alexander the Great From?

Throughout Greece independence movements arose. Immediately Alexander led his armies to Greece to stop these movements. The Greek states quickly recognized him as their leader, while Sparta still refused to join.

The League gave Alexander unlimited military powers to attack Persia, a large kingdom to the east of Greece. Asian campaign In October B. Alexander returned to Macedon and prepared for his Persian expedition. In the early spring of Alexander's army met Darius's army for the first time. Alexander's army defeated the Persians and continued to move west.

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Alexander the greats upbringing essay

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