An account of how my father met the woman he was to wed

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An account of how my father met the woman he was to wed

Share via Email This article is over 4 months old Forensics officers at the scene of an investigation in Reddish, where the body of Kenneth Coombes was found.

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Barbara Coombes, 63, walked into a police station in Stockport on 7 January this year and told officers that she had killed her father 12 years earlier. Detectives began a murder investigation and started digging up her garden in Reddish, Stockport.

Two days after she confessed, police found the body of her father, Kenneth Coombes, a second world war veteran. He would have been 87 at the time of his death. He raped her hundreds of times throughout her life, she told psychiatrists.

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He may even have been the father of her first child, David, who died shortly after birth, her barrister, Martin Heslop QC, told Manchester crown court on Wednesday. When Coombes was aged somewhere between six and nine, her father took her to a photography club where he forced her to display her genitals while other men took photographs of her, she claimed.

The abuse continued right until he died, she said. He would constantly touch her breasts even as she entered her fifth decade. She said she had no friends, no hobbies, had never worked and only rarely left Reddish her whole life.

She said she grabbed a spade she had been using in the garden, went into the living room and hit her father on the back of the head. She then wrapped his body in an old carpet and hid him from her daughter, Islay, who was then 18, and buried him the following day.

At Manchester crown court on Wednesday, Coombes pleaded not guilty to murdering her father but guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility. Sentencing her to nine years, the judge Timothy King said he did not accept she acted in self-defence.

Her rational judgment was impaired and she was unable to exercise self-control, he told her, noting that she had attempted suicide on a number of times in her youth and had self-harmed throughout her life.

The housing officer made several attempts to check on his welfare but was repeatedly sent away by Coombes, who on one occasion claimed her father — who then would have been 99 — was at a Buddhist retreat in Manchester.

She never reported him missing. Neighbours said they assumed he had moved away. Coombes told Islay that he had died suddenly from blood poisoning and had been cremated.

An account of how my father met the woman he was to wed

In a victim impact statement, Islay Coombes said her heart was broken at what had happened and how she had been deceived but would stand by her mother. But she questioned whether Coombes was truly remorseful for what she had done.

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The barrister noted that Coombes only began to talk of being sexually abused several months after her arrest, during her fourth interview with a psychiatrist.

She also pleaded guilty to fraud and false representation.My father met with a woman 4 times over 4 years at random and she swears that he is stalking him. She has filed a restraining order and is now harassing my father saying he is still following her.

If OP has given the account accurately, it sounds like dad's not getting a fair shake. Legal aid clinic, a payment plan, or someone willing to do. The Woman Claimed That He Has Also Had Affairs With Men.

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