Aqa shakespeare coursework mark scheme

Romeo and Juliet Teaching Resources A summary of the story: Simple summary for sequencing with answers on the second page. Could also be used for a tension graph or revision purposes.

Aqa shakespeare coursework mark scheme

VeronicAmb Occasional commenter Hi there, I was wondering how do other schools operate this section of the spec? Get Past Papers and Mark Schemes for All Subjects, All Exam Boards

Since it says on the spec "independent reading and research", do you allow your students to come back after 6-weeks and just sit in your lessons reading their own texts?

Or, do you have compulsory texts that you teach with all of them, then if they want to choose their texts they can? Being the KS5 Leader of English, it's difficult to decide what is best.

The new timetabling is quite challenging in regards to one teacher will have students 1hr x 7 over a fortnight to teach coursework throughout the whole year. Whilst the other teacher will only have the students 1hr x 3 over a fortnight to teach exam texts. What I was thinking of is when the year twelves come back from study leave in June, we could start off reading a novel and get into exploring key issues such as theme, context and narratology just to start them off.

Then, when it come down to the 6-weeks, they can either start reading texts from our prescribed reading list or carry on reading the set text we did before the holidays.

Either way because we practised what they need to look out for, it would be easier.

Aqa shakespeare coursework mark scheme

We do have a back-up plan. Even if they can't be bothered to read their own texts anyway, we will still ask them to finish off the class text just in case.

Romeo and Juliet Teaching Resources

Also when they do come back, they'd finish off the class text with their A2 teacher anyway. Once this is done, they will start a new genre, drama, and then poetry just to get them "into it".

Overall, my question is:Lord of the Flies Exam Questions AQA OCR and WJEC Here are some questions that I've pulled out of the last few years' AQA, OCR and WJEC exam papers. Some of these are made up based on exam board question styles.

Feb 15,  · The full mark scheme and corresponding paper will be posted soon. AQA Level 1/2 Certificate in Biology Specification online with Ask AQA past question papers and mark schemes a wide range of printed and electronic resources .

Writing language controlled creative assessment aqa aqa creative writing controlled assessment GCSE English Language for certification June onwards version 1.

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A powerpoint supporting classroom preparation of the descriptive writing controlled assessment. The Official AQA Shakespeare Coursework Mark Scheme Grade D ( marks) Candidates give a personal response to literary texts.

They show understanding of meaning and some of the ways in . AQA GCSE English Literature A Papers Below on this page you can find all the AQA English Literature (Specification A) past papers available for download.

For GCSE .

WJEC A2 Coursework Unit: ‘The Help’ & ‘The Color Purple’ – English Literature Reigns !