Handwriting analysis loops de salsa

Despite the widespread use of word processing programs and email, there are still occasions when writing by hand is necessary or preferred, like college essay tests, job application forms, thank you cards, romantic letters and quick notes to colleagues at work. Having a unique, attractive style of writing can help you attract attention and make a good impression on others. You learned the basics in grammar school, but read on for suggestions on how to create your own personal handwriting style. Decide what kind of statement you want to make with your writing.

Handwriting analysis loops de salsa

Firm principles, rigor, good abilities, and aggressiveness. May be inappropriate and even tiring.

handwriting analysis loops de salsa

Inclination towards disagreement and oratory. Initial stroke begins in the superior zone: Rebels against parental authority, introversion, possessive instincts, conservative.

Sensible personality, ability, tenacity. Final Stroke No final stroke: Depending on the rest of the graphical context: Confirm mystical trend if there is a short foot or short lower extension, other traits that seem abnormal, round dots.

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Final stroke that descends down the line: Predominance of instinctive tendencies on reason, impulsiveness, temperamental discharges, extroversion, resolution, efficiency, imperative search for material security, sensuality, utilitarianism.

Economical limitation or narrow consciousness puritanism. Saves to insure sustenance. Sharpens his commercial sense due to environmental pressures, submission.

May be interpreted as dishonesty according to the graphical context. Oval open on top: Oval open on bottom: Mysticism, idealism, intellectuality, religious person, ethical and esthetic.

Noble and honest purposes. Prudence, ability for relationships, confident person. Shelters in intellectual ideals, search for equilibrium in utopian paths.

Adaptation, kindness, tolerance, complaisance. Intolerance, pride, dissatisfied, antipathy.

handwriting analysis loops de salsa

Graphology Letter D Curled: Fantasy, cordiality, adaptation, adaptation, practical sense, idealism, imagination, spiritualism, personality with philosophic concerns. The degree of inflation of the curl reaffirms tendencies. Superior curl connected to the next letter: Independence for criteria, reflection, analysis, intellectual level over the average.

Tendency to hide a feeling an insecurity feeling, lack of affection, tends to conserve, reserved.

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The separation of the upper extension and the oval reflects disagreement between thinking and feeling. Graphology Letter D Separated from the oval: Confirm that there are no sight disorders. Disassociation between intellectual and spiritual life from the affective life.

Affective disassociation, disagreement between feelings and thinking. It is important to confirm disassociations in letters like g, q and a: Tendency to loneliness, evasion, isolation, selfish interests, egocentrism, narcissism. Difficulty to integrate in groups. Upper extension projected upwards: Religious convictions, rectitude in purposes.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin TM5 IDLIST Class Accordions Address books Addressing machines Adhesive tape dispensing machines Air compressors Alarm clocks Ale Almond paste Altimeters.


Biertempfel first caught the handwriting analysis bug some eight years ago, when her handwriting sample, selected randomly from a pool of faxed submissions, was analyzed on a Pittsburgh radio station by guest Bart Baggett, founder and president of Handwriting University and later Biertempfel’s mentor.

Oct 08,  · HANDWRITING ANALYSIS - The Margins and Spaces Tell About Your Attitude Towards Finances - Duration: InnerWorldRevealed - Numerology and More 5, views.

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