Literatire review on body image

Writing a literature review What is a literature review? A literature review is a critical analysis of published sources, or literature, on a particular topic. It is an assessment of the literature and provides a summary, classification, comparison and evaluation. At postgraduate level literature reviews can be incorporated into an article, a research report or thesis.

Literatire review on body image

How mass media impact self image and body satisfaction. Thin Ideals in Music Television: International Journal of Eating Disorders, 35 1 The above article suggests that music television, i.

By exposing research participants to music videos with thin, attractive women, the participants felt more dissatisfied with their body appearance than after viewing videos featuring typical every day, ordinary looking people.

This article was very well researched with over 30 references, two of which were previous works by Tiggeman herself. Only minor weakness appears in this study as it pertains to our research; only Literatire review on body image were sampled so the idea of male body dissatisfaction was never addressed.

Also, the participants in the research study were paid to be a part of the study, which can lead to bias. This research relates to our topic as MTV has often dictated popular culture by being the benchmark to what is considering hip, trendy, and relevant.

The author relates the consumption of good food with female prowess. For decades, the Barbie doll has been marketed to young girls as the ideal woman, a standard for which young ladies should aspire to become.

Literatire review on body image

At times, the article seems repetitive and relies on too many outside references by other researchers which forces to reader to literally Google as they read to fully understand the article.

The Barbie doll has spanned generations and now she has even grown with the technological boom; she has DS games, her own website, and iTunes downloads. Psychological Bulletin, 3 By use of meta-analysis or a multiple experimental approach, both experimental and correlational studies. The relationship between body image, body dissatisfaction and eating disorders, and the unrealistic images of certain fashion magazines, television advertisements, celebrated celebrities, and so on.

The three authors of the article, Grabe, Hyde, and Ward utilized a multiple experimental approach to their study in order to develop a correlation for the most accurate results. The research subjects in this study were limited only to white females.

This was one of the better-researched studies; this article made referenced to many other scholarly articles throughout the reading. Also, research bias could be suggested as it suggests in the introduction that the researchers were aware of what the ultimate results of the study would present.

Women are large consumers of media in all forms--books, magazines, music, television, and movies. Weight and Shape Ideals: Thin is Dangerously in.

Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 30 5 These standards, unfortunately meet the criteria for the definition of many eating disorders. It is important to note that the researchers in this study admitted that a lot of the data the body measurements of the Playboy models was self-reported and may not be accurate.

Television Network, which anyone of any age can watch on the cable network. Pop Culture and Post-pregnancy. Michigan Quarterly Review V.

This article is a respectable piece of journalism with memorable pop culture references and little scientific jargon. The article does go a bit off topic a bit from the issue post pregnancy weight loss to more of a social commentary on celebrity status.

Is this type of media celebrations helpful or harmful? The Gendered Society pp. The advent of the Internet as well as new advances in plastic surgery procedures has changed the way we look and feel about our bodies.

Kimmel writes about how beauty is gendered and the heavy weight it carries on the female. Not only can we view magazines on newsstands, but we can catch glimpses of them online as well.

Unfortunately, in real life, our bodies are not as easily manipulated. Overall, there has been a dramatic change from objectification to willing participants looking for their own pleasure. This article is a departure from many studies on the portrayal of women in advertising as it places the female in a position of power where she has the upper hand--as opposed to the previous articles reviewed which might have made women feel more inferior.

There is a minor flaw in this article where the author may slightly mislead the reader with a reference to an autobiography by retired adult film star, Jenna Jameson. Does this shift alleviate the dissatisfaction and alienation women and some men may feel about their own self-worth upon viewing body-centered advertisements?LITERATURE REVIEW Researchers have used various abstract foundations for examining the relationship between media and body image (Holmstrom, ).

Sample Literature Review This is a literature review I wrote for Psychology / Research Methods I. It received an A. The assignment was to read a variety of assigned articles related to the under stress out of concern for body image [sentences omitted] In contrast, men.

Literatire review on body image

Literature Review “The perception of the ideal female body presented in the media has a negative effect on an adolescent female’s physical wellbeing. ” ` The media is the means of television, newspapers, magazines and movies.

The media plays a large role in influencing young adolescent girls perception especially in regards to body image. ☛ We can provide you not only with correct literature review APA format ☝ but also with the right literature review formatted per any referencing style ☑ ☀ APA, If you are writing a Literature Review APA, not skipping would be the best way to do it.

Image: jpg, jpeg, gif, png. Text: doc, docx, pdf, rtf, odt, uot, txt.5/5. Literature Review “The perception of the ideal female body presented in the media has a negative effect on an adolescent female’s physical wellbeing.

” ` The media is the means of television, newspapers, magazines and movies. Alli Carpenter WRTG Literature Review Pressure to be Perfect Media has become an increasingly important aspect of today’s society.

People interact with many different forms of media on a daily basis.

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