Moni lisa smile andralogical model

The smile isn't the mystery. It's the painting itself, as I've heard.

Moni lisa smile andralogical model

After a semester of teaching a progressive, less traditional teaching style, she is given conditions by the alumni that, if she is to stay at Wellesley, she will teach the outlined syllabus and submit her lessons plans for prior approval. The students were expected to memorize the textbook.

Watson, the teacher, in front of the class evaluator by knowing everything she had prepared. The character, or teacher, seemed to demonstrate two different educational or behavioral positions. At the end of the movie, you find numerous assumptions of the andragogical model.

Watson appeared as a feminist who refused to fall under the traditional educational objectives or educational theories. Therefore, she changes her educational model or theory to the andragogical style of teaching.

This was a change from the beginning of the movie when she first entered the classroom with the traditional power point.

Thus according to Knowlesshe originally followed the pedagogical model. It explains the pedagogical model assigns the teacher full responsibility for making all decisions about what will be learned, how it will be learned, when it will be learned, and if it has to be learnedp.

This is the style of teaching the administrative staff at Wellesley believed to be the best. Historically this model has been found to be less effective than the andragogical style for adult learners who have specific educational needs.


The assumption that the andragogical model is based on includes: As an educator her goal was to help them discover the gaps between where they were and where they wanted to be.

She demonstrated that there is much more to art that memorizing a textbook. This was demonstrated best in the movie when she talked to Joan about pursuing law school and seeking a career. Educator Watson was fully aware the girls had arrived at the self-concept that they were more than capable of reading the book and memorizing the information as they had been previously taught in the past.

Educator Watson was approached with resentment and resistance by the girls demonstrating they had previously read the text. She presented several other power points of art not found in the text and challenged the students to transition from being dependent learners, to think outside the box, transitioning and becoming self-directing learners.

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She also challenged them to become more than the traditional art students. Educator Watson took teaching to another level by utilizing different learning strategies. She loved group discussions, problem solving and simulation exercises.

She taught the importance of art related to individual expression and the students demonstrated their knowledge of this by each painting their own sunflower portrait. With this example, she opened their minds to new approaches, encouraged expression of values, sensitivity training, and mediation through self-expression of art.

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The readiness to learn. The girls with high expectations and obvious intellectual history became excited and ready to learn. The new approaches used by Watson changed the attitude toward the non-ivy league teacher. She encouraged them to use their experiences and valued their ideas and accepted them as people.

The orientation to learning. She used her personal history and collection to explain the importance of expression. She challenged their minds to analyze paintings and to paint for pleasure and therapeutic and social interactions. Watson wins them over when she introduces paintings not in the text, encouraging thought provoking ideas that really stimulated the minds of these students.

The motivation to learn. She never let the girls think for once that just memorization of a book was acceptable. She encouraged learning to go above the ideas of tradition. Several times she told the students that they could be the housewife of their dreams, but to look at further education to fulfill their career dreams.

When you look at the movie and the leading students, you realize at first they refuse to go along with the free thinking ideas and they think the textbook contains everything they need to know.

Katherine is appalled at the fact that they actually think of their education as a way to pass their time until they are married. The behavior of three main students include: She appeared to represent the class attitude.

She displayed a characteristic most would look at as being promiscuous; the film displayed her behavior as being the most feminist and she was exhibited as a student who liked to control men with her body, leading you to believe she traded sex for favors and sometimes just plain fun.

Her viscous description of Ms. This conflict of ideas is presented during the movie; they had many heated discussions.Mona Lisa Smile () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. MONA LISA. I’m so thankful you were there like a Mona Lisa fair.

To show me things I’d never see and to model for my poetry. Which is not to compare. Mona Lisa, oil painting on a poplar wood panel by the Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer Leonardo da Vinci, probably the world’s most-famous was painted sometime between and , when Leonardo was living in Florence, and it now hangs in the Louvre, in Paris, where it remains an object of pilgrimage in the 21st century.

Andragogy is a discipline help us to motivated our students. Now don´t exist a traditional bored class or lesson. We have to guide and became an instructors, confidence teacher. Twelve participants were shown nine black and white photos of the Mona Lisa, eight of which had been digitally manipulated at the mouth; four made the model look happier, the other four sadder.

Oct 17,  · mona lisa is an anagram for the greek god and goddess amon and lisa. the painting symbolizes their union.

Moni lisa smile andralogical model

and the smile is a result of the left side being larger than the right. left is a symbol of male and right for female.

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