Paseo by jose donoso

As a child, he lived in a home that included his widowed father, his unmarried aunt Matilde, and two bachelor uncles, Gustavo and Armando. Aunt Matilde originally moved into the house in order to take care of the narrator after his mother passed away when he was four years old, but once she settled in, most of her attention went to caring for her own three brothers.

Paseo by jose donoso

He used dark surrealism, black comedyand social satire to explore the lives of decaying aristocrats in a morally disintegrating society.

What is the summary of Paseo by Jose Donoso

He taught at the Catholic University of Chile and the University of Chile in the s and toward the end of the decade worked as a journalist. After lecturing at the University of Iowa —67he took up residence in Spain.

It presents the moral collapse of an aristocratic family and suggests that an insidious loss of values affects all sectors of society. El obsceno pajaro de la noche ; The Obscene Bird of Nightregarded as his masterpiece, presents a hallucinatory, often grotesque, world, and explores the fears, frustrations, dreams, and obsessions of his characters with profound psychological insight.

In the novel Casa de campo ; A House in the Countrywhich Donoso considered his best work, he examines in a Surrealist style the breakdown of social order in postcolonial Latin America.

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Donoso returned to live in Chile in The author of numerous antigovernment articles, he was briefly detained in after he protested the dismissal of dissident writers from their teaching positions.

Curfewand Taratuta: Learn More in these related Britannica articles:Apr 07,  · CRÍTICA LITERARIA Y NOVELA CORTA “PASEO” José Donoso Lo incierto en la realidad Critica literaria La clave narrativa en la obra “Paseo” de José Donoso, motivo de este trabajo, esta orientada hacia lo incierto.

José Donoso (Full name José Donoso Yáñez) Chilean novelist, short story writer, essayist, poet, translator, and critic.


One of the leading figures of the Latin American literary. Paseo, by José Donoso Notes to the text, created by Professor A.K.G. Paterson (now Emeritus), and revised by Dr Gustavo San Román. We hope you find these notes helpful, but tell Dr San Román if you think there are still .

What is the summary of Paseo by Jose Donoso

Paseo By Jose Donoso sold the land to Hilton International, in a plan that they had to develop that territory into a tourism-oriented zone. But, in the year , Hilton International sold the land to a private developed named Arturo Madero.

Paseo is one of Donoso's most superbly crafted stories and probably the one most frequently acclaimed by critics.

Paseo by jose donoso

Such is the case in Jose Donoso's short story "Paseo." The story is told from the point of view of a grown man looking back on the isolated, frightened child he was.

As the boy's jealousy focuses on the attention gained by a nondescript but persistent dog, Donoso leads us into the realm of multiple symbolism.

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