Policeman of the world essay

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Policeman of the world essay

This behavior offers the question, if America should use its power or if the U. To consider about this question, we have to take a deeper look to the American history.

When the first settlers arrived in America they were oppressed respectively influenced by the British Empire. There were 13 colonies, which fought for their freedom.

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These people were very pious religious groups who had a strong belief in earning their place in heaven, and in creating an earthly paradise, in the strong belief that God had provided them with the land to make a new beginning. They did have high ideals, which they wanted to bring to other countries, too.

We arrive now in the last two centuries and the expansion of America. They have been justified, that they are the good chosen people on a mission to bring happiness, liberty and equality to foreign countries, ignoring countries with different cultures and values.

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Write a short essay on my ambition in life policeman College essay writing service Question description The previous assignments focused on domestic matters in US history.
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There are some more points to consider here, like the fact that unstable regions can be havens for terrorists. On the one hand, America put an end to these areas, but they are killing civilians on many of the missions.

Besides the cost of civilian lives, the war charges the live of American soldiers, too.

Policeman of the world essay

The defenders would argue, that living with oppression and a constant state of terror throughout an entire population is worse than risk of a few death. Thus leads inevitably, that Nations cannot grow and develop with constant threat of warlords and terrorists. At this point, America planted the grounding for those states to build up a new civil order, in short to design a new Nation.

I would like to come back to the costs. Being a world policeman is connected with financial costs, which are extremely high. These costs could also be used to help America and its citizens itself. For instant, in case of natural catastrophes, like Orlando, only a few years ago.

In connection with this, America helps, that humanitarian aid reach its intendment. The money could also be used for the American poverty, to help poorer people out of their situation and to finance a general school system, with proficient teachers.

A further American justification is that they want to protect human rights. I would like to emphasize the genocide in several parts of Africa, where never American troops have been sent to. Due to this fact, it seems that America is not in all cases interested in protecting liberty and democracy all over the world.

We have to take into account that America avoids or lessens genocide and atrocities, but we have to keep in mind and to criticize, that they aim to other goals, beside the values I mentioned already.

Policemen of the World Thesis and Outline | Essay Example

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Write my Essay America Becoming Policeman of the World. Trump, in fact, has explicitly rejected the notion that the United States should be “the world’s policeman.” Yet so have Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, George W.

Bush, and George H.W. Bush. Urgent Essay Help: Discuss consequences the United States faces as a result of its status as “policeman of the world.” The previous assignments focused on domestic matters in US history.

Policeman of the world essay