Social media is killing us

WhatsApp Is the bite-sized world of social media leading to bite-sized and unsubstantial personal relationships? This was a question I asked myself recently when looking at some of my own relationships — friendship, romantic, professional, and family alike. Those that were heavily based in contact through social media outlets were much less substantial than those relationships where we kept in touch in person, over the phone, or via email on a regular basis.

Social media is killing us

Jay Adrianna - at June 9, 15 Ways That Social Media is Killing You When social networking websites first debuted on the information superhighway a little over a decade ago, many people heavily criticized them overall and felt that they were simply passing fads. Most critics and online analysts felt that these websites would eventually fade away just like every other temporary fad of pop culture and lose their overall relevance.

However, those assumptions and conclusions have clearly been proven wrong in a monumental way.


Social networking websites have drastically changed the Internet in more ways than one Social media is killing us completely altered the way that hundreds of millions of people have communicated with each other as well as how hundreds of thousands of companies around the world are able to connect to their past and prospective customers.

Even though the average person could come up with an extensive list of benefits that are experienced through social media overall, it is vital that the same person also pays close attention to a list of ways that social media is killing them. Many people believe that they can only experience high blood pressure and eventually become diagnosed with hypertension primarily because of their dietary choices and family medical history.

That is actually not the case whatsoever. Even though those two factors do play a significant role in this diagnosis, life choices and certain activities throughout the day can also lead to you suffering from these types of problems.

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When you see a status message posted on Facebook that makes you angry or frustrated, for example, this can cause your blood pressure to rise. If an online friend says something that disturbs you or you end up having an argument with a close friend or co-worker through Twitter, your stress levels can skyrocket and cause you to suffer from anxiety attacks, nausea, dizziness and other adverse physical reactions.

Medical studies have proven over the years that high blood pressure and excessive stress levels can lead to much more severe health problems, including heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and death.

For example, you might decide to post a picture of yourself during a past beach vacation and automatically become bombarded by comments from your friends, coworkers and relatives about how unflattering you look in that particular picture.

Even if they are joking, these types of negative comments cause people to become more self-conscious about their appearance to the point where they are skeptical about posting any other pictures of themselves. In more extreme cases, this major deficiency in self-image and overall confidence can force a person to live an introverted lifestyle, feeling that they would probably just be better off not exposing themselves to other people at all instead of just through online pictures.

Studies have proven that a key reason why many people would rather post pictures of other people, viral images and other objects instead of pictures of themselves is primarily because they are ashamed of the way that they look and are afraid about how other people may react if they were to see those pictures.

Before the information superhighway was developed, the traditional method that was used in order to find jobs consisted of searching through the classified ads of newspapers and physically going into stores and businesses that had "Help Wanted" posters publicly displayed in the window or signs of their building.

Nowadays, millions of people are relying on the Internet to be able to search for available job postings and listings in their local areas as well as throughout their respective countries.

Social media is killing us

There are specific social media websites, such as LinkedIn, that allow people to create professional profiles that will allow them to apply for online job postings and search through the online network to try and connect to different companies that might be hiring.

However, what many people fail to realize is that not all job postings can be found on the Internet. In order to gain access to that abundance of available listings, you have to be able to use traditional means i.

Therefore, the world of social media just might be killing your chances of being able to apply for a great job that you never knew was even available.

Social media is killing us

Millions of people use their computers and mobile devices that are designated specifically for work purposes in order to check their social media profiles and update their social networking sites.

However, in most cases, this is a violation of the policies of a wide range of companies and corporations that could lead to immediate termination.

In less severe cases, social media pages will cause a substantial decrease in the overall productivity of the average employee. Instead of being focused on giving their all to their work throughout the day, many employees are doing just enough to get by while they use their personal cell phones and mobile devices to stay tuned in to what their online friends are doing and posting on Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites.You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Good social media presence is not just merely an option, it is necessary for brands nowadays. In comparison to other media, social media’s influence in political campaigns has increased tremendously.

Social networks play an increasingly important role in electoral politics — first in the ultimately unsuccessful candidacy of Howard Dean in , and then in the election of the first African-American president in If you're looking for inspiration for your next social media campaign, take a look at these 8 social media marketing examples.

Learn from Wayfair, GE, Peel and other brands that have dominated social media in .

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Okay, let me just be clear: I do not believe that any of us can "run out" of or "kill" our creativity. There's no way to "use it all up," or "clean out the well.".

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