The prescription of humanity in sigmund freuds the future of an illusion

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The prescription of humanity in sigmund freuds the future of an illusion

At the time, I thought I would build a personal library of classical literature and other classics. Freud was one of the authors suggested by experts. Besides, Freudian psychoanalysis was promoted and paraded to the uninformed as a revolutionary method to correct what is wrong in men, and therefore in society.

Independently of any truth contained therein, psychological language and terminology is amusing, not to say ridiculous. For it elevates what is directly comprehensible, and even trivial, to the level of scholarly erudition.

Therefore it creates a false impression of an enhanced conceptual and scientific precision even in what is dramatically obvious.

The prescription of humanity in sigmund freuds the future of an illusion

A trivial thought expressed in pompous diction, tends to impress more than an important sentiment delivered in simple language; because the number is greater of those whom custom has enabled to judge of words, than of those whom study has qualified to examine things.

Even in Hamlet, a character named Osric attempts to impress or frighten Hamlet by describing the strength and qualities of his adversary Laertes. Why spend years in attempting to understand abstruse scientific concepts, described in words much harder to understand than any Freudian language?

An intimate aspect of one’s identity simply those close and you to you truly know.

Consider, as an example of hard-to-comprehend ideas, complex numbers, in turn derived from inventing an imaginary solution for an unsolvable mathematical equation. And yet having to accept, understand, remember and use complex numbers to describe the behavior of electric currents.

Or worse, take the case of integrals, single, double and triple. Some may ask why talk about Freud now when so many other issues crowd our tangled world. Because the ideas of Freud and of his nephew Edward Bernays, as we will see, still inspire the spirit of our times.

Including a top-down ideology, imposed on the world at large by the hegemonic media, Hollywood and other trend-setting, cultural, academic and political sources — and even affecting, in some cases, the judicial system.

While we can only speculate, what escaped sequestration should give us clues. Here are very few among many possible examples. He also discovered what he called a correspondence between the nose and the genitals.

Since he actually wrote this down, we may assume that he documented his diagnosis because he imagined it to be received with implicit veneration. Indeed, the patient was bleeding from the nose, but not for love.

Article Critique of Freud's the Future of an Illusion - Philosophical Investigations

Frink was having an affair with a patient of his own, the bank heiress Angelika Bijur. Despite this, Freud convinced Frink that he, Frink, was a latent homosexual, running the risk of becoming openly so. Frink should divorce his unsuitable wife and marry the patient Bijur.

Simultaneously, Bijur was to divorce her unsuitable husband. But why these extraordinary suggestions? And Frink, now guilt-ridden, fell into a psychotic depression for the rest of his life, marked by several attempts at suicide.

Apparently, Freud felt no regret for having destroyed, in this instance, four lives. That is, a boundless fertility of invention and a remarkable coincidence between his diagnoses and his direct self-interest.

Himself, for having recommended the mad nose operation, and Fliess for having performed it. In the other case, or saga, of Frink-Bijur, Freud had ordered all related correspondence destroyed, but we owe its survival to Marie Bonaparte, great grand-niece of Napoleon I.

An author and psychoanalyst herself, she helped Freud to leave Germany when the Nazis came to power. She also bought the letters Freud wrote to Fliess in the case of Emma Ecksteinand refused to destroy them when Freud asked her to.

Bonaparte had first consulted with Freud for treatment of her frigidity, or rather of her inability to reach sexual satisfaction — though beside a husband, she had several lovers. Bored with the pageantry, Marie suggested to Mitterrand that he sample her psychoanalytic method.

The prescription of humanity in sigmund freuds the future of an illusion

Mitterrand obliged and both missed much of the pomp and ceremony they had come to witness. Here is another most egregious example — the case of the so-called Wolf Man. Dostoyevsky suffered from epilepsy.

During a seizure, a person experiences abnormal behavior, symptoms, and sensations, sometimes including loss of consciousness. There are few symptoms between seizures. Epilepsy is usually treated by medications and in some cases by surgery, devices, or dietary changes.True, some of its m ost em inent practi tioners in the fifth and sixth centuries were unrepentant pagans, but G alenic med icine, with its appeal to a m onotheist creator, could easily be assimilated, and the workings of drugs and the skills of the surgeon held up as prime examples of the bounty of God towards humanity.

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(This post is my summary of a chapter in a book I often used in university classes: The Future of an Illusion regarded religion “as a system of false beliefs whose deep infantile root in our minds can be explained psychoanalytically Very encouraging words on Sigmund,keep it up.

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