Writing a reference letter for a professor emeritus

If it did not, then this work is a fraud.

Writing a reference letter for a professor emeritus

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Education[ edit ] Jones earned his bachelor's degree in physics, magna cum laudefrom Brigham Young University inand his Ph.

From toJones studied deuterium -based fusion in the context of condensed matter physics under DOE and Electric Power Research Institute sponsorship.

He hypothesized that metals and high pressures in the Earth's interior might make fusion more likely, and began a series of experiments on what he referred to as geo-fusion, or piezofusion, high-pressure fusion.

To characterize the reactions, Jones designed and constructed a neutron counter that was capable of accurately measuring minuscule numbers of neutrons produced in his experiments. The counter indicated that a small amount of fusion was occurring.

Critical review of Daniel Goleman; how he has misled the public etc.

Jones claimed that the results indicate that fusion is at least possible, although the process was unlikely to be useful as an energy source.

Muon-catalyzed fusion was a field of some interest during the s as a potential energy source; however, its low energy output appears to be unavoidable because of alpha-muon sticking losses. Jones led a research team that, inachieved fusions per muon averagereleasing over 2, MeV of fusion energy per muona record which still stands.

Jones became aware of their work when they applied for research funding from the DOE, after which the DOE forwarded their proposal to Jones for peer review.

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When Jones realized that their work was similar, he and Pons and Fleischmann agreed to release their papers to Nature on the same day March 24, However, Pons and Fleischmann announced their results at a press event the day before Jones faxed his paper to Nature.

Although critics insisted that Jones' results were probably caused by experimental error, [16] the majority of the reviewing physicists claimed that he was a careful scientist. Later research and experiments have supported Jones' metallic " cold fusion " geo-fusion reports. Jones claimed that a variety of evidence defies the mainstream collapse theory and favors controlled demolitionusing thermite.

The evidence Jones cited included the speed and symmetry of the collapses, and characteristics of dust jets. He has also claimed that the thermite reaction products aluminium oxide and iron-rich microspheres were also found in the dust. The review was to have been conducted at three levels: Both organizations have long been critics of BYU's record on academic freedom.

Although Jones has urged caution in drawing conclusions, [34] some believe that his public comments have indicated a significant degree of certainty on the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and the culpability of elements within the U. They noted that Jones' "hypotheses and interpretations of evidence were being questioned by scholars and practitioners," and expressed doubts on whether they had been "submitted to relevant scientific venues that would ensure rigorous technical peer review.

Intellectuals Speak Out" by D. Evidence for energetic materials'. She received an e-mail from the Danish science journal Videnskab asking for her professional assessment of the article's content. Subsequently, numerous concerns arose regarding the reliability of the publisher, Bentham Science Publishing.

This included the publishing an allegedly peer reviewed article generated by SCIgen [52] although this program has also successfully submitted papers to IEEE and Springer [53]the resignation of multiple people at the administrative level, [54] [55] and soliciting article submissions from researchers in unrelated fields through spam.

From mid-November until the end of that year, Jones, Fetzer and a series of other researchers and individuals engaged in a dispute about the direction of the organization. By Aprilthat organization had grown to over members.

writing a reference letter for a professor emeritus

Retrieved April 16, American Institute of Physics, VCH Publishers,p Steven Jones of Brigham Young University, who had long studied muon-catalyzed fusion Credibility on the Line Chicago:From the University Faculty Handbook: “Any member of the professional staff who retires after ten years in the tenured rank of university professor, professor, or associate professor and who has rendered distinguished and meritorious service to the university, may be appointed professor emeritus [emerita] by the provost after recommendation .

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